one root

rooted in love

“be rooted and grounded in love….”

I “love” lots of things, chocolate, coffee, anything pumpkin, and of course, my heart’s biggest real estate tycoons, my husband and beautiful baby girl!

But what I “love” to DO  is to capture people, their stories, and the moments of their lives through the art of photography.

Snapping my first shot as a young girl with a disposable camera (yes I actually remember taking pictures before digital cameras),  I could not wait to go and develop the pictures to see the faces I had captured on film.  From that day forward, I knew “a picture (truly) is worth a thousand words” (and that’s saying something for someone who loves to talk)!  There is something so amazing about capturing the essence of who someone is, to be able to tell their story, to capture the joyous moments of their life in one simple photo… is a gift I treasure.

Shooting my family and friends and strangers around the world has led me to this great profession, and if you would like to step in front of my lens and allow me to  capture all that makes you and your family unique, shoot me an email I would LOVE to hear from you