Learning Never Ends~

As a photographer, I never feel that I’ve “ARRIVED” in my craft so I am always trying to learn more.  More about photography, lighting, posing not to mention all the software that can help with editing your photographs.  One such software is Lightroom 4.  I HEART Lightroom!!! In fact I love it sooooo much and spend so much time with it that my husband is getting a little jealous (sorry babe!)  This software is a great tool for photographers to edit photos and the work flow is so simple and easy that even novice photographers can use it.  With a low price of $150 at adobe (I know $150 isn’t low to most, but in comparison to Photoshop, believe me it is) it’s an investment in your photography craft, whether it’s a hobby or a part-time or full-time gig for you.  And if you’re a student you can get it for an even cheaper deal of $79 (of course I always scourer the internet looking for better deals and found you can get Lightroom 4 for $89 at evaluesoftware – you may find lower prices elsewhere, but it may be for an upgrade so be careful before purchasing from sites other than adobe.)

Well like all things, there is a learning curve and Lightroom is no exception….except – here’s a great treat.  Right now creativeLIVE is doing a 3-day course “Lightroom Mastery” and today is the 3rd day so don’t miss out.  If you act fast you can purchase the ENTIRE 3 days for just $99!

Check out the final day of the course here


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